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Become Pro Player!   

For just 19,80 EUR you till the end of the 2021/2022 season can join a Pro Player Community! As Pro Player the following features are available to you besides all Plus Player features:

Additional formations!

The following additional formations are available to you: 3-6-1, 4-2-4, 5-3-2, 5-4-1 und 3-3-4!
Screenshot line up

More players on the exchange market!

In Pro Player communities the number of players by the computer on the exchange market can be increased up to 25.

Player search

Direct bids!

Offers can be made directly to a community member, without having the player placed on the exchange market first!
Screenshot member details

Player exchange!

You can make direct exchange offers to a community member! As many players as possible can be offered and demanded. Additionally you also can offer or demand money.
Screenshot member details


For every part of the team one substitute player can be assigned! If one of your lined up players of this part of the team gets no grade and no points, automatically the substitute player replaces him.
Screenshot standings

Private and community comprehensive messages!

For better communication private messages can be exchanged with your fellow community members via the community news. In addition to this you can communicate community comprehensive with "News Connect".
Screenshot news

Additional modes to start into the new season!

In Pro Player communities four additional modes to go into the next season are available, see here!
Additional modes to start into a new season


For being even closer to reality the community can optionally play with player salaries! Instead of a bonus of 750 per point, communities who are playing with salaries get a bonus of 2.000 per point!

Perennial ranking

The perennial ranking shows the total points of your community of the past years!
Screenshot of Perennial ranking
For big communities with up to 10 members there is a reduced price of just 160 EUR and for arbitrarily big communities of just 245 EUR for the membership till the end of the 2021/2022 season.

For fairness reasons the participation as Pro Player is only allowed in Pro Player communities, i.e. all members need to be Pro Player.

Here you will find an overview about the different game versions.
Follow this link to the signup

Here you find a stepwise description on how to make your existing community a Pro Player community. The current teams, points etc. remain intact by doing so..
Words are not enough for you? Then try the Pro Player yourself through the guest entrance!
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