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How it works   

In addition to the free version there are two premium versions with more Features: the Wintercomunio Plus Player and the Wintercomunio Pro Player for just 16,80 EUR and 19,80 EUR respectively till the end of the 2021/2022 season

Here you will find an overview about the different game versions.
The objective of the game is to get the most points in your community
All members of a community compete with each other.
Screenshot Standings
In the beginning every user get according to the community setting either a team of 15 Wintersport players and 10M play money or no team and 20 M play money. All teams have approximately the same strength.
Screenshot Lineup
After every match day your lined up players get points for their performance. The computer calculates the points based on the number of goals scored, cards received and a sports journalistic grading (see rules).
Every user tries to utilize his seed capital to improve his team by buying and selling players. This not only requires football expertise, but also financial and negotiation skills, because every player is available only once per community.
Trading is possible with other community members and the computer.
Screenshot exchange market
In the news you are informed about the activities of your community members and you may post messages to them. Screenshot News
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